School is IN & so is Club!

And. . . we’re back!

Summer camp was a stupendous successs, concluding August 5th as Club members at both Mullin & McAdams and E.V. Cain Extension celebrated the end of camp with culminating talent shows.  It was the perfect ending to a successful summer! All Club staff worked hard to reopen Club school site locations and prepare the Mullin & McAdams Clubhouse for the quick transition to afterschool programming, which began on August 10th.

Our Teen members in Keystone Club “PCK” qualified to charter as a Silver Level Keystone this year! To reach the silver level, Keystone Clubs must plan and implement experiential projects/activities in Keystone’s four focus areas: Academic Success, Career Preparation, Community Service and Teen Outreach. In addition they must plan and implement at least one #WeOwnFriday Teen Recruitment event (our Keystone Club implemented 5!). Finally, Keystone Clubs must complete the Keystone Program Assessment.  We are so very proud of all of our Keystone Club Members and look forward to what the 2016-17 Keystone year brings! Gold Level, here we come!