Reflections of a Junior Staff Member

Have you ever heard the sweet sound of a Teen reflecting on the Club in their life?

Recently, the Club held its annual Fore the Kids golf tournament at Winchester Country Club. With a full field of Club supporters, it was a wonderful success. The highlight wasn’t the incredible scenery, fun games or food and drinks, but when a Teen Club Member stood up to speak at the dinner awards ceremony.

Kane, an active member of the Teen Center at Mullin & McAdams Clubhouse, painted a picture of the opportunities and support he received in his many years of Club membership – and the recent leadership position he’s taken as a Junior Staff at the Club. It’s remarkable to hear a Teen reflecting on the Club’s positive impact in their life.

With support from the community, we continue to hear stories of impact, and continue to see young men and women leave our doors having realized their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

If you’re interested in learning more about supporting kids like Kane, visit our Ways to Give page or contact me at the Club at 530.889.2273.


Randy Tooker, CEO