What if when you were a teen, you could travel into your own future and see what it’s like to be an adult?

Club Teens experienced just that at the Club’s Reality Store Experience.

The Reality Store is an engaging experience that allows our Club Teens to envision what their life will be like in their late 20’s and practice real-life financial decision making. Club Teens pull from a lottery of life situations – like imagining the responsibility of being a spouse and parent, they receive a checking account “deposit” equal to one month’s salary from their desired job. Like an in-depth version of the game of Life, Teens visit a series of stations to determine how to spend their salary and budget for transportation, housing, clothing, food and so on. This wonderful  opportunity provides Teens with a dose of financial reality and certainly encourages them to consider extending their education careers.

This year’s event was a great success that’s only possible with the help of the volunteers who graciously donate a Friday evening to run these stations, provide advice and financial insight to Teens – and for that we are so very grateful!  Also, we’d like to give a big shout-out to Panda Express for donating food to our event!

Thanks and here’s to Great Futures!