The Club has been a cornerstone of Placer County since opening its doors in 1994. Serving hundreds of youth daily, we provide a safe, structured and positive environment for young people after school, during holidays and summer vacation.

The Club’s Mission is “to inspire and empower all young people who pass through our doors to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.”

We are proud to serve Placer County’s most precious young people alongside a Staff and Board of dedicated individuals actively committing themselves to preserving the Club as a safe place for kids to learn and grow.

Since opening our doors in 1994, Boys & Girls Club of Placer County has been offering critical services to young people in our community with a wide range of programs in such areas as education, character development, career exploration, sports & recreation, the arts and community service.

The positive programs and activities the Club provides for the youth of Placer County are helping them to become productive, self-sufficient individuals. We are committed to the Youth Development Strategy of instilling in our members a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and the power of influence.

Hundreds of kids pass through the doors of our Club sites daily and the numbers continue to grow. We deeply believe in the potential of each and every one. Our staff is committed to bringing out the best in them – to help every kid BE GREAT – by giving them the tools and skills to not only succeed, but to excel in life.

What Makes the Boys & Girls Club Special?
Four key characteristics define the essence of the Boys & Girls Club. All are critical in positively impacting the life of a child:

  1. Dedicated Youth Facility
    The Boys & Girls Club is a place – an actual neighborhood-based building – designed solely for youth programs and activities.
  2. Open Daily
    The Club is open every day, after school, when kids have unsupervised time and need positive, productive outlets.
  3. Professional Staff
    Every Club has full and part-time trained youth development professionals, providing positive role models and mentors. Volunteers provide key supplementary support.
  4. Available & Affordable to All Youth
    Membership dues are affordable. Clubs reach out to kids who may lack access to other community programs.

2017-2018 Program Calendar

Club hours of operation are immediately after school until 6pm, five days a week and are extended over summer and holiday breaks.

During the school year, transportation to the Club is available from the following schools:

Alta Vista Community Charter School
Auburn Elementary School
Bowman Charter School
Skyridge Elementary School

Club Membership is available to children ages 6-18. The Club’s cost to serve each individual member in our program is $100 monthly, but parents are only asked to provide $20 as an annual membership fee and $10 a month per Club member. Any donation above the $10 monthly fee is greatly appreciated.  All donations go toward providing quality programs for our members.

Because of limited space, some sites are on waiting lists.

To begin the application process, download, complete and return the application below.

Mullin & McAdams & EV Cain Extension (ENGLISH)
Mullin & McAdams & EV Cain Extension (SPANISH)

Rock Creek Extension (ENGLISH)
Rock Creek Extension (SPANISH)