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Gold Level Here We Come!

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The Club’s Teen Center runs an excellent leadership-service program, known by its participants through Boys & Girls Clubs nationwide as “Keystone”. We’re proud to offer this program to Teens and to see them grow and develop as leaders and responsible citizens.

Our Keystone Club “PCK” recently qualified to charter as a GOLD Keystone Club this year!

For our Keystone Club to even reach the Silver level, our Teens were required to plan and implement experiential projects/activities in Keystone’s four focus areas: Academic Success, Career Preparation, Community Service and Teen Outreach. In addition they were required to plan and implement at least one #WeOwnFriday Teen Recruitment event (our Keystone Club implemented 5!). Finally, Keystone Clubs must complete an annual Keystone Program Assessment. It’s a lot of work – for a lot of good outcomes.

We are so very proud of all of our Keystone Club Members and look forward to what the 2016-17 Keystone year brings! Gold Level, here we come!

Club Teens & Reality Store

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What if when you were a teen, you could travel into your own future and see what it’s like to be an adult?

Club Teens experienced just that at the Club’s Reality Store Experience.

The Reality Store is an engaging experience that allows our Club Teens to envision what their life will be like in their late 20’s and practice real-life financial decision making. Club Teens pull from a lottery of life situations – like imagining the responsibility of being a spouse and parent, they receive a checking account “deposit” equal to one month’s salary from their desired job. Like an in-depth version of the game of Life, Teens visit a series of stations to determine how to spend their salary and budget for transportation, housing, clothing, food and so on. This wonderful  opportunity provides Teens with a dose of financial reality and certainly encourages them to consider extending their education careers.

This year’s event was a great success that’s only possible with the help of the volunteers who graciously donate a Friday evening to run these stations, provide advice and financial insight to Teens – and for that we are so very grateful!  Also, we’d like to give a big shout-out to Panda Express for donating food to our event!

Thanks and here’s to Great Futures!

Youth of the Year!

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Spring has sprung here at the Boys & Girls Club of Placer County.  After a rainy winter, March roared in with plenty of warm weather and sunshine, bringing with it more opportunities for Club Members and Staff to get outside and celebrate spring. Club Members at EV Cain Middle school participated in a week celebration of the spring equinox, making sun dials and terrariums. Members at Rock Creek went on nature walks to plant wildflowers in the fields near Rock Creek Elementary.  

The Club’s Youth of the Year celebration was the absolute highlight of March!

After weeks of training and a rigorous selection process, five very special young ladies were awarded Youth of the Year and given the opportunity to share their Club story with attendees at the celebration. They did a phenomenal job!  Guests were treated to a Taiko Japanese-style drum performance that brought down the house.  The event featured kid-made desserts from each of our Club program sites. Club sites also submitted art work to hang for our first art show. Members of the E.V. Cain Torch Club learned the finer points of matting artwork by carefully selecting mat board for each piece.  Club Members across all sites collaborated on an outstanding wire quilt.  It was a wonderful celebration of the Club’s Youth and Great Futures at the Club!

Healthy Lifestyles & Cooking Academy!

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The Club’s focus for February was Healthy Lifestyles with all programs incorporating additional nutrition education and physical fitness activities into daily programming. Rock Creek has continued their partnership with UC CalFresh to provide Club Members with the Cooking Academy program. Club Members meet weekly and learn how to read a recipe, safely chop and prepare vegetables and how easy it can be to make healthy food choices. This program also provides our middle school Club Members with the opportunity to participate as junior leaders, assisting both the staff and younger Members.  In the Teen Center, Members kicked off a six-week nutrition education program in partnership with United Way. Twice weekly student nurses lead nutrition lessons that focus on providing our Teen Members with healthy meals that are easy to replicate at home. Woot woot!

LEGO Mindstorms Are Taking Over!

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Club members are thrilled to be utilizing the Lego Mindstorm Kits & Curriculum!

Lego Education recently revamped their education product line granting free access to all Lego Education software & curriculum and enabling the Club to expand its offerings and impact and engage all members (ages 6-18) served. The revamp had a second unintended benefit – the Club received a small grant that enabled us to purchase ten tablets! These tablets allow members to program the Mindstorm robots and  save their work as they go.

We’re incredibly thankful for the support of Placer Community Foundation and others who support the Club – and for the good fortune to serve more kids in our community!

Be Thankful (we sure are!)

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We’re thrilled to report that all three of our Club sites had a wonderful experience last week celebrating what we’re thankful for. We hosted our annual “Be Thankful” open house reception and welcomed families to gather at the Club for food and festivities. Thank you to the staff, volunteers and Club members who served together to make it a success. We are truly thankful!

Reflections of a Junior Staff Member

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Have you ever heard the sweet sound of a Teen reflecting on the Club in their life?

Recently, the Club held its annual Fore the Kids golf tournament at Winchester Country Club. With a full field of Club supporters, it was a wonderful success. The highlight wasn’t the incredible scenery, fun games or food and drinks, but when a Teen Club Member stood up to speak at the dinner awards ceremony.

Kane, an active member of the Teen Center at Mullin & McAdams Clubhouse, painted a picture of the opportunities and support he received in his many years of Club membership – and the recent leadership position he’s taken as a Junior Staff at the Club. It’s remarkable to hear a Teen reflecting on the Club’s positive impact in their life.

With support from the community, we continue to hear stories of impact, and continue to see young men and women leave our doors having realized their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

If you’re interested in learning more about supporting kids like Kane, visit our Ways to Give page or contact me at the Club at 530.889.2273.


Randy Tooker, CEO

School is IN & so is Club!

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And. . . we’re back!

Summer camp was a stupendous successs, concluding August 5th as Club members at both Mullin & McAdams and E.V. Cain Extension celebrated the end of camp with culminating talent shows.  It was the perfect ending to a successful summer! All Club staff worked hard to reopen Club school site locations and prepare the Mullin & McAdams Clubhouse for the quick transition to afterschool programming, which began on August 10th.

Our Teen members in Keystone Club “PCK” qualified to charter as a Silver Level Keystone this year! To reach the silver level, Keystone Clubs must plan and implement experiential projects/activities in Keystone’s four focus areas: Academic Success, Career Preparation, Community Service and Teen Outreach. In addition they must plan and implement at least one #WeOwnFriday Teen Recruitment event (our Keystone Club implemented 5!). Finally, Keystone Clubs must complete the Keystone Program Assessment.  We are so very proud of all of our Keystone Club Members and look forward to what the 2016-17 Keystone year brings! Gold Level, here we come!

Teen Summer Adventures…

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This summer, the Teen Center has been very busy! Last week we visited UNR and UCD for college tours. Monday we started the day off by doing a great session of Career Launch. Later that day, we kicked off the beginning of Shark Week by going to see the Shallows. We also got the chance to experience public transportation and Teens learned how to read bus schedules and how to transfer buses. Tuesday, we Bridged the Gap with our fellow E.V. Cain members and all took part in a Health & Fitness assembly with Michael Stephens of Anytime Fitness of Auburn. After the assembly, Teen Council members and I went to Save Mart to go grocery shopping for Money Matters. The members have a weekly budget that they are allowed to go shopping and not exceed. It was a great experience as teen members learned that expenses add up very quickly! Wednesday, we led another session of our OnCampus and Keystone programs. Thursday we focused on Money Matters, Healthy Habits, OnCampus and crafts. Summer is off to a great start as we look forward to more great programs and memories together inside and outside the walls of the Club.

Marvelous May

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May was a marvelous month to be a member of Boys & Girls Club of Placer County. With the school year winding down, members and staff alike made the most out of those last few weeks of after school programming.

Mother’s Day Tea was a well attended event at all three sites. Members made decorations and centerpieces, prepared musical selections and skits, baked cookies & cupcakes, and of course tea to serve to their mothers.

After eight weeks of sessions, the teen SMART Girls program concluded this month. Beginning next fall these young women will have the opportunity to gain valuable leadership skills as they plan and facilitate the 8 week session for our 3rd & 4th grade girls. To kick off this new and exciting program, the Teen girls hosted our young 3rd& 4th graders for a spa day in the Teen Center. Girls participated in different stations, such as nails, hair, a photo booth and dream boards and had the opportunity to bond with our teen SMART Girls.

Our E.V. Cain Extension hosted the Auburn Hip Hop Congress and the Rocklin Free Flow Academy at the Urban Arts Day event on May 5th. Middle School Members participated in graffiti art, a parkour demonstration and music mixing.